Super Woman Money Program — Melbourne Fringe
The Yonder — Melbourne Fringe 2017
Super Woman Money Program — Melbourne Fringe
Super Woman Money Program — Melbourne Fringe

Cheap and Crazy

Did you know women often retire with a lot less super than men? Elizabeth didn’t. She gets her financial advice from Shirley Bassey and spent all her money going to clown school. But now they tell her she has to raise an extra $350,000 for her retirement, just because she has a vagina. So she’s doing a Fringe show. Welcome to the Super Woman Money Program.

Venue: Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club - Son of Loft

Dates: 15 September - 22 September (no shows Mondays)

Time: Tue - Sat 7:45 PM, Sun 6:45 PM

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: $15.00 – $25.00


Photo: Nayt Housman

The Yonder — Melbourne Fringe 2017
The Yonder — Melbourne Fringe 2017

Stupid race through deep space.

From the team behind two Melbourne Fringe awards. Earth is about to implode on itself. Passengers and crew board the very last flight departing to a desert planet, humanity’s final asylum. Tensions begin to materialise about how deserved everybody’s place on the craft is. This distracts from the real peril squelching up on them—space squid.

Continuing from Asian Ghost-ery Store and Salty, The Yonder is the concluding play in a series that looks at race, cultural identity and migration with humour and absurdity. This work is devised by comic Elizabeth Davie, actor Ezel Doruk and theatre maker Shannan Lim, who have trained in physical comedy with Phil Burgers, Deanna Fleysher and Philippe Gaulier.

“Intelligent, witty and challenging in turns... an excellent piece of theatre.” — The Age (Asian Ghost-ery Store)
"Oddball bundle of joy... thoughtful and often playfully absurdist." — Perth Arts Live (Salty)

Elizabeth Davie's "got talent in spades". — Pop Culture-y
Ezel Doruk "really shines, emotive and raw". — Theatre Press
Shannan Lim is a "skillful actor". — Sydney Morning Herald

Creators, Performers: Elizabeth Davie, Ezel Doruk & Shannan Lim

Venue: Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club - The Loft

Dates: 23 September - 30 September (no shows Mondays)

Time: Tue - Sat 6:45 PM, Sun 5:45 PM

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $15.00 – $25.00


Photo: Nayt Housman

Also Ran — Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 Trailer

Also-ran, noun: a loser in a race or other contest. An undistinguished or unsuccessful person.

When Elizabeth's life coach warned her “you're the composite of the people you spend the most time with”, she sat down to work out exactly who was responsible for her being the kind of person who needs a life coach.

Her thirties are looming and Elizabeth has a lot of ground to make up. They tell you life is about the journey. It’s not. It’s definitely a race.

The debut solo show from the creator of Party Banana (MICF 2014) and co-star of CREEPS with Natalie Harris (Melbourne Fringe 2014).

“She’s got talent and relatable tales in spades.” Pop Culture-y

“Unpretentious storytelling and more straight-up comedy... Also-ran is a comedic success.” Illegitimate Theatre

CREEPS — Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014

Stand up by two of Melbourne's stealthiest up and coming comedians, Natalie Harris (Secrets MICF 2014, Three Little Gigs MICF 2013) and Elizabeth Davie (Party Banana MICF 2014). Natalie stares and smiles at strangers too much and Elizabeth is a Gemini. Inner city creeps with only the best of intentions.

“Hilarious” ArtsHub

“Real, honest, relatable and just plain funny.” Squirrel Comedy

Party Banana — Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014

Party Banana is the party you never wanted to attend, hosted by the people you never wanted to meet. Audience members take part in the show as guests at the opening of the insufferably hip Tristan and Bianca's art studio/record label. Come in, mingle, and admire the art. There'll be drinks. You're going to need them.

Party Banana sold out at both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival - and not just because there was a bar in the show.

Party Banana was created by Elizabeth Davie and written and devised collaboratively with Kieran Bullock, Glenn Luck, James Rosier, Hannah Camilleri, Genelle Lentini and Molly McKew.

"Immerse yourself in the world of Party Banana, a hilarious and exciting new piece of interactive theatre." The Music

"Party Banana is an immersive show filled with lovable but cringe-worthy characters who’ll get under your skin in more ways than one." Herald Sun